Saturday, November 6, 2010

Progress report

I'm working on the platform bed with drawers. The headboard will have to wait until I know the exact dimensions of the room, plus I'll have to see if the wiring will allow for integrated lamps over the bedside tables. It probably will, considering I'll have to redo the wiring from scratch or very nearly.

I forgot where I saw the LEGO setup for 90° corners, but it's incredibly useful and simple. Brilliant idea.

I also got myself some lovely things this week:

The bunch of bananas and the incredibly detailed sausage are from this fantastic artist: ... en miniature! And the prices are very reasonable as well.

The alarm clock is my second attempt at following the tutorial from this website. It still looks rather rough, but I hope to improve with time. The oversized perfume bottle is one of the many many many many I made when I had too many beads on my hands.

Right, and now back to the sanding and gluing.

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