Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First post!

Hello, world! As if I didn't have enough blogs and websites to manage already, but I wanted to separate my miniatures from the other interests in my life. So, here I am.

This year I've finally decided to stop admiring miniatures from afar as I've done my entire life, and actually get my own dollhouse instead. I even collected a few cheap items of 1:12 furniture to start decorating with, when my mother, who's as enthusiastic about miniatures, if a bit more, er, moderate, ambushed me and over the course of a few weeks convinced me to have a try with modern miniatures instead of the more conventional Victorian/Edwardian/Biedermeier ones.

As a project, this is doubtlessly going to be interesting, but also slow and expensive. Currently I'm in the process of buying a used GDR dollhouse: pick-up date is November 13th, if all goes well. The house will have to be re-papered and re-wired and a lot of other re-s, but it's a perfect beginning. Pictures to follow, if it works out.

I'm pondering whether I can start on my own, basic miniatures to begin with. I'm thinking of very simple shapes, things like this IKEA bed. I certainly have the materials, but I do wonder if I have the skills. I suppose I will find out the hard way. ;)

There are also my cheap faux-Victorian minis. I could sell them on eBay and use the money to buy something from, say, Delph Miniatures, whose entire range I covet, or I could try to turn some of them into usable modern furniture. Which, if even possible, may require far more skill at mini-carpentry than I possess.

Well, progress reports to follow!

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