Saturday, November 13, 2010

New house!

And the day finally arrived: I got a new house to play with! It was built around 1955 by Albin Schönherr and it's called the Haus Gisela.

Over here are more pictures of the same model and here is a slightly modified build with different doors.

More pictures of the furniture bits that came with it tomorrow.

My mother and I have already discussed some plans. As you can see, the bathroom and the upper floor are only accessible from the outside, so we want to wall the staircase in and create a doorway from the middle room into the bathroom. The second floor landing will be covered up as well, either with a conservatory kind of thing, or a slanted roof.

The whole thing also needs to be repainted in places and the inside completely repapered and rewired, but the house itself is sound and quite, quite lovely.

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  1. Beautiful dollhouse,I love it!!!Miniregards from sunny Spain.