Sunday, October 23, 2011

So many crafts to try, so little time...

Loghain's roombox is now wired, after a few mishaps (note to self: remember to use the same voltage bulbs across the whole thing next time, or you'll be stripping wires into the night and cursing a blue streak) and is slowly acquiring accessories. Here's a preview by night:

Sorry for the horrible quality of the picture, I couldn't find a tripod in a hurry.

What you can't see very well in the picture is that I glued some U-profile brass rails to the top and the bottom of the front, so slide a clear plastic sheet between them as front screen. More on that later. The rails are fine, but the plastic sheet will need some trimming. *blush*

Also, when Aleene's say that their Jewelry and Metal Glue is industrial strength? They really mean it. Works like a charm, but a pain to remove from skin/tools/cats/work surfaces. In fact, I think I'll only ever use it again if I can't find an alternative. It's scary. ;)

In other news, I recently started discovering the world of polymer clay. I hadn't worked with it much in the past, so all the reading and experimenting I'm doing is an eye-opener. Turns out you can do a lot even if you do have two left hands. Pictures coming up when I have something worth showing *wink* but here's my new friend Scraps, made according to this tutorial:

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The masking tape adventure

His Grace got drafted into helping stucco the walls of his roombox. He wasn't happy about it.

 He'd much rather fight evil scary puppymonsters, you see.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I solemnly swear that I'm still alive!

Erm. Sorry about that. I meant to post more often than once a year, honestly.

The big Gisela project is on hold for now, for the simple reason that the house is huge and I've no room to work on it anywhere. Hence I've been concentrating on random minis and a roombox.

The roombox is for Loghain, my most favourite not-quite-villain from the video game Dragon Age (here's a reference picture). This is him staring moodily into the fire. He does that when he's not failing at politics.

Loghain's box is about half done in structure. It's simple (though very thick) MDF that I got at scrap prices at the local hardware store. The ceiling is clay that will get grunged-up a little more and then sprayed with matte varnish to fix it. The fireplace was supposed to have egg carton "stone" finish but it looked amazingly bad, so I covered the lot in granite-coloured clay which I will detail in pastels when it's dry all the way. The walls are getting covered in stucco.

There's a lot to be done but once I abandoned all my lofty ideas and decided to just finish it any which way because it's my first attempt at a bigger scene and I'm supposed to learn from my mistakes, it's started actually moving a bit faster. ;)

Here are some tiles that will make up the floor later, though I've no idea yet what I'll use for grout. They're partly poured plaster and party textured stucco on paper-thin balsa bits.

In non-roombox minis, I've been doing small things on and off. Here's a bag and two hats I've made for my friend Amanda. The bag was made with this fantastic tutorial.

I'm still trying to figure out how to make decent miniature shoes. I have all the materials, I just lack the know-how. There shall be more experiments in the future. And Fimo experiments, seeing as I semi-accidentally bought a used Atlas pasta maker for a bargain...