Sunday, October 23, 2011

So many crafts to try, so little time...

Loghain's roombox is now wired, after a few mishaps (note to self: remember to use the same voltage bulbs across the whole thing next time, or you'll be stripping wires into the night and cursing a blue streak) and is slowly acquiring accessories. Here's a preview by night:

Sorry for the horrible quality of the picture, I couldn't find a tripod in a hurry.

What you can't see very well in the picture is that I glued some U-profile brass rails to the top and the bottom of the front, so slide a clear plastic sheet between them as front screen. More on that later. The rails are fine, but the plastic sheet will need some trimming. *blush*

Also, when Aleene's say that their Jewelry and Metal Glue is industrial strength? They really mean it. Works like a charm, but a pain to remove from skin/tools/cats/work surfaces. In fact, I think I'll only ever use it again if I can't find an alternative. It's scary. ;)

In other news, I recently started discovering the world of polymer clay. I hadn't worked with it much in the past, so all the reading and experimenting I'm doing is an eye-opener. Turns out you can do a lot even if you do have two left hands. Pictures coming up when I have something worth showing *wink* but here's my new friend Scraps, made according to this tutorial: